Rome, Italy
Italian for Zoo is Zoo. Italian is so easy!
Street artist in Rome.
The Vatican Museum is wonderful. Beautiful art from all parts of the globe. Give yourself plenty of time to wander through the various areas of the museum. There is so much to see including the Sistene Chapel. This place is well worth the price of admission.
The Vatican Museum
Statues line every room throughout the museum. Truly fascinating.
The Vatican Museum
The Vatican Museum
Every floor, wall, and ceiling is covered with art work.
Rome Italy
The Coliseum.
The Roman Emperor’s Palace.
Piazza de Popolo
Piazza de Popolo
Inside the Coliseum.
The arched entrance to the Coliseum.
The Emporer’s private stadium.
The Roman Forum.
The Roman Forum.
Private home in Rome.
Piazza Novona
Piazza Venezia

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