Underwater St John USVI

Salt Pond Bay is where I saw this Great Barracuda. He was about 4 feet long.

Little Lamashur Bay porcupine fish.

Salt Pond Bay nurse shark.

Spotted Drum fish at Dennis Bay. Some beautiful coral about 50 yards from Pelican Rock.

Little Lamashur Bay Spotted Eagle Ray.

Salt Pond Bay sea turtle. This little guy looked like he had a bad run in with a shark. His shell was very damaged.

Nurse shark at Little Lamashur.

Upside down jelly fish.

Pelican Point at Dennis Bay.

Can you spot him?

This shot was taken on the boat dock at Caneel Bay Resort one evening. It’s a spotted eagle ray that was cruising around the dock looking for a nightime snack.

Maho Bay St John. The Great Barracuda. This guy looked to be over four feet long.

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