Rome Italy – Sites Around The City

The Sainthood of the Pope
The Tiber River
Banners celebrating the Pope were put up by the thousands all around Rome.
Rome shut down the streets for the the Celebration of the Pope.
Roman Colloseum

The Colloseum
Piazza Venezia
One of the sculptures at The Quattro Fontane (The Four Fountains)
Piazza Rotonda

A mosaic on display inside the Castel Sant`angelo.
An armour bust on display inside the Castel Sant`angelo.
Tile Roof.
A view of the Tiber from the roof of Castel Sant`angelo.
Energy Billboard

The Spanish Steps

The Pantheon – Rome Italy


Pepy’s Bar, Piazza Barberini, Rome Italy
Great food at Pepy’s Bar

Pizza at Pepy’s Bar, Rome Italy
Red Bus Tour of Rome – It’s a great narrated tour around the City. Costs is around $20 euros per person and it’s worth the price to be shuttled around town allowed to stop and get on and off at pre-arranged locations.

Trajan’s Column

Street vendors sell knock-off purses in Piazza Navona.

Gazebo Restaurant set right on Via Veneto. Great location and food.

Waiting for his owner.
Fiat 500
Cappuccino in Rome
Piazza Navona
McDonald’s in Rome – Piazza Republica
Piazza Navona

April 25, Celebrating the unification of Italy
Art Gallery at Barberini Palace

Bocca del Verrita
Legend has it that if you place your hand in the mouth of truth and say a lie, the mouth will snap shut and bite off your hand. 

Trajan’s Market
Fiat 500
Vespa Scooter

Michelangelo’s Pieta

St. Peter’s Basilica – Rome

Views from the top of St. Peter’s Basilica

Fiat 500 – Rome, Italy
Bar del Fico, Rome Italy
Birra and snacks at Bar del Fico, Roma Italia
Local Italian men playing chess and enjoying a beer at Bar del Fico.
Bar del Fico, Rome Italy

Tiber River
Police Women of Rome wearing uniforms inspired by Armani.
Fiat 500 Club Italia

Lovers write their names on padlocks and leave them as a tribute to their everlasting love.
Magazine Poster of William and Kate’s Royal Wedding

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