Day Sail on the Kekoa – St John USVI to Jost Van Dyke BVI

 Kekoa – St John USVI
The day begins around 8:00am as the Kekoa picks you up near the Cruz Bay ferry dock. Get ready for alot of sun, fun, and rum!
The Kekoa Crew.
These folks are great hosts. Not only do they make you feel comfortable on board by serving up snacks and telling stories of the Virgin Islands, they make great painkillers and rum punch too!
Kekoa Captain Jamison on deck.
The Kekoa has an interesting history. It was built by the owners (two brothers) that now captain the 50′ catamaran on day sails around the Virgin Islands. Kekoa was almost lost at sea during severe Atlantic storms on her maiden voyage. Good thing for all of us it survived and now resides in Cruz Bay on St John for everyone to enjoy.
The signature black sails of the catamaran Kekoa.
We began the day sail from the Cruz Bay ferry dock on St John USVI and headed for a snorkel spot off of a quiet uninhabited island in British waters. The snorkeling was great and we saw plenty of beautiful coral and sea life. From there the Captain took us to Sandy Cay in the BVI.
Sandy Cay BVI
Sandy Cay is a little island in the British Virgin Islands that sits halfway between Tortola and Jost Van Dyke. Nothing but nature on this island and beautiful white sandy beach. On day sails aboard the Kekoa, passengers have actually witnessed sea turtles hatching on the sand and scurrying to the water. Amazing. Now that’s worth the price of admission!
After about an hour we pulled anchor and headed for the world famous Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke.
It doesn’t get any better than this. Swimming in the clear warm waters of the Caribbean. Even in winter the water is as warm as the air temperature.
Bottoms Up!
White Bay, Jost Van Dyke British Virgin Islands
Visiting White Bay is one of the great highlights of every trip I take to the Virgin Islands. The clear turquoise water and white sandy beach of White Bay is picturesque.
The Kekoa anchors just off shore and all passengers swim up to the beach for lunch and cool drinks. There are many bars along this strip of sand and all of them are fun.
After a few hours at White Bay it’s time to put up the black sails and head back to St John. With a little breeze the Kekoa glides thru the water at a fun pace.
I highly, highly, recommend a trip on a catamaran versus taking any power boat excursion. With all engines off and nothing but wind to propel you it makes being out on the water a wonderful experience. The crew mixes up some rum drinks, the reggae music comes on, and for the next hour and a half you are wondering why you didn’t do this sooner. I never want to get off!
Kekoa fast approaching Cruz Bay on St John USVI.
Please, Please, Captain… Can’t we go around the island one more time?
Returning to the US and checking in at US Customs.
On the return everyone disembarks and checks in at the US Customs Office in Cruz Bay.
The Kekoa day sail is the best and I’ve been on most of the excursion boats out of Cruz Bay. I highly recommend this trip. I can’t wait to go again!!!

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