Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke – Foxy’s and Other Scenery

Jost Van Dyke – British Virgin Islands
Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke  
You can check into the British Customs Office located in Great Harbour and get a cold drink too. 
Here are just some of the bars and shops along the beach at Great Harbour. 
World Famous Foxy’s Bar 
Foxy has created quite an empire here in Great Harbour. Bar, restaurant, and gift shops. He is always here greeting guests and telling tales of his adventures in the states and caribbean.
Foxy’s Store
Coconut palms line the beach at Great Harbour. The scenery here is beautiful and the atmosphere peaceful.
What a great day in the BVI! 
Jost Van Dyke is a tiny ‘Jem“. Only 4 miles long this little caribbean island has everything you want for an escape from the busy world. Ocean breezes, tranquility, and an ice cold beer.   
Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke – British Vrigin Islands 
If you have a chance to visit Great Harbour, be sure to give yourself time to stroll down the beach and meet some of the folks that call Jost Van Dyke home.  
Looking down the beach at Great Harbour. 
Corsair’s is a little bar sitting down the way from Foxy’s. Great Harbour has a few little bars and shops along the beach that are full of interesting history, artifacts, and people. 
Drinking a Red Stripe and taking a stroll down the beach at Great Harbour. 
Fishing Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke
Along the beach I stopped to watch the local fisherman or should I say fisher-girl? This young girl was busy catching fish on the morning we stopped into customs. She was fishing right off the beach near the dock and using just a hook and string line. Who says you need expensive tackle to make a catch? I asked her what kind of fish she caught and she quickly identified each one on the dock. She really knew what she was doing. 
Hey! Didn’t I see those little guys while snorkeling?
The bars and shops along the beach always have something interesting to see. 
Looking back at the beautiful and peaceful Great Harbour.
 As we pulled out of the bay I couldn’t help but think how fortunate it is for those that live there and wonder if they really knew how lucky they are to live such a simple and quiet life in Paradise.

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