Protecting The Nature Of The Virgin Islands

Protect Our Coral Reefs
This year the National Parks Service added this reminder for all travelers to be considerate of just how fragile the coral reefs are and how important the reefs are to the undersea nature of the Virgin Islands. This sign is posted on the trail to Waterlemon and I hope the Parks Service will add more of these around the island. Many times I find fishing line and lures tangled in the coral as well as other man made debris. People on top of the water need to understand the damage they cause below..
Sea Turtle Nesting Beach
Signs like this are a great reminder that we share the nature of St John with the natives. Let’s make sure that these guys keep coming back to lay their eggs. Swimming with the sea turtles that inhabit the island is always a special time.
Virgin Islands National Park
The US Park Service is responsible for maintaining and protecting the whole of the Virgin Islands National Park. Let’s hope that they always have enough resources to do their job and that they never lose their focus. The Park needs all the protection it can get from all of us that enjoy the beautiful nature.

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