Roscioli Salumeria and Restaurant – Rome Italy

Roscioli Restaurant – Rome Italy 
A few minutes walk from the Campo di Fiori is one of my favorite restaurants in Rome, the Salumeria Rocsioli. The Rocsioli is a well known spot with locals and for good reason. The meats and cheeses on the menu are so numerous you are guaranteed to find what you are hungry for.
Roscioli Restaurant – Rome Italy
The Roscioli is small but packed with a great Italian wine selection, meats, cheeses, and other foods. When you enter the salumeria the smells instantly make you want to sample everything. 
Roscioli Restaurant – Rome Italy
We stopped in for a late lunch on this day and ordered prosciutto, salami, and a plate of soft cheeses. Lamb, goat, and other cheeses along with bread and a sweet fig jam.   
Roscioli Restaurant – Rome Italy
Along with this lunch we were served some dwarf truffled peaches. Never heard of dwarf truffled peaches? Well I had never heard of them either and when I ate the first one I thought it was some kind of olive. It was so delicious I had to ask the waitress what exactly it was. I was educated on the pickled fruit which is an Italian treat. Dwarf truffled peach is a pickled unripened baby peach with truffle added.  
Roscioli Restaurant – Rome Italy
The Rocsiolo Slumeria is a very busy place for dinner. Be sure to make reservations because the Roscioli is packed every evening. 
Roscioli Restaurant – Rome Italy
Via dei Giubbonari, 21

00186 Rome 

Roscioli Restaurant – Rome Italy 
Roscioli Restaurant – Rome Italy
Soft Italian cheeses, prosciutto, and a nice bottle of Italian Chianti for lunch.
Roscioli Restaurant – Rome Italy
For dinner we tried a couple of menu dishes such as these traditional Roman meatballs with palenta.
The Roscioli’s web site has the menu and gallery of the cuisine. Enjoy!

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