The Vaporetto – Venice Italy

The Vaporetto – Venice Italy
When you get to Venice you will find there are several ways to get around the city. Walk of course, but the best way to travel through Venice is by water. The Vaporetto is Venice’s water bus system. These boats travel every few minutes up and down the Grand Canal with stops everywhere along the way. 
The Vaporetto – Venice Italy
Signs posted on buildings guide you to Vaporetto stops. So as you are walking around town keep an eye out.
The Vaporetto – Venice Italy
Here is an example of a Vaporetto stop. Tickets for the Vaporetto must be purchsed ahead of time. If you are staying more than one day I suggest purchasing multi-day Vaporetto tickets.
Best place to purchase the tickets is just as you enter Venice near the train stations. Then hop on and enjoy the scenery!

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