Chianti – Tuscany Italy

Chianti – Tuscany Italy
Tuscany is wine country and in the Chianti region the grape vines cover the landscape as far as the eye can see.
Chianti – Tuscany Italy
The rolling green hills of Tuscany are covered in grape vines, olive trees, and dotted with stone farmhouses..
Chianti – Tuscany Italy
The climate in this region makes Chianti the perfect place to grow grapes. Farmhouses like this one have become profitable family owned wineries.
Chianti – Tuscany Italy
In the mornings the cool damp air settles over the rolling hills. Perfect for growing grapes.
Chianti – Tuscany Italy
The drive through this country side is very scenic. This is one of the advantages to renting your own car while on vacation in Italy. You don’t get to see this country side from the trains.
Chianti – Tuscany Italy
One of dozens of local wineries along the roadsides. We stopped in for a tasting.
Chianti – Tuscany Italy
There are several little towns o explore in this area so give yourself plenty of time to drive and see them all.

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