Piazza Barberini – Rome Italy

Piazza Barberini – Rome Italy
Piazza Barberini is a large piazza in the centro storico or city center of Rome.
Piazza Barberini – Rome Italy
Piazza Barberini – Rome Italy
Up the street just a quick walk from the Piazza Barberini is the Palazzo Barberini a palace that now is the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica. It is another of Rome’s beautiful museums and contains one of my favorite paintings the La Fornarina by Raphael.
La Fornarina by Raphael
The Portrait of a Young Woman by the Italian painter Raphael on display at the Palazzo Barberini.
Piazza Barberini – Rome Italy
At the centre of the piazza is the Fontana del Tritone or Triton Fountain sculpted by  Bernini in 1643.
Piazza Barberini – Rome Italy
I can’t walk by Pepe’s Bar in Piazza Barberini without stopping to get tramezzini. Tramezzini is a triangular sandwich constructed from two slices of soft white bread with the crusts removed.
Piazza Barberini – Rome Italy
The Via Veneto enters the Piazza Barberini and is lined with high end restaurants and hotels as well as other interesting sites including a church with the crypts of monks. 
Piazza Barberini – Rome Italy
The Fontana delle Api or Fountain of the Bees is a fountain located in Piazza Barberini as the Via Veneto enters the piazza. It was sculpted by Gian Lorenzo Bernini completed in the April 1644.
Many people stop and toss in a coin which can only mean good luck will e a certainty. 
Piazza Barberini – Rome Italy
Piazza Barberini is full of energy at night as the bars and restaurants along the streets fill up with people and cars and vespas speed by

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