The Ara Pacis Augustae – Altar of Augustan Peace- Rome

The Ara Pacis Augustae, or Alter of Augustan Peace, is commonly known as simply the Alter of Peace and sits beside the Tiber River in Rome. The monument to celebrate the conquests of Augustus was commemorated around 9BC.
An interesting fact concerning the alter is that it was originally located in a flood plain area of the Tiber River. It was found buried under 13 feet of silt and moved to it’s current location.
The monument is an open air alter with beautiful carvings decorating all sides. The alter now resides in the enclosure here reconstructed in 2006 to protect and display this magnificent structure. What I love about this museum is it was built with windows on all sides letting the natural light change the color tones of the marble as the day progresses. 





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