Caffe Excelsior – Portofino

Caffe Excelsior – Portofino
Fried vegetables and cheese platter. 
Caffe Excelsior – Portofino
Octopus salad. 
Caffe Excelsior – Portofino
The waiter asked if I wanted to try some good French wines and he was feeling proud when I announced I only wanted Italian wine. He offered up some great bottles of red. 
Caffe Excelsior – Portofino
I wanted to try everything on the menu. 
Caffe Excelsior – Portofino
This was a great pizza. 
Caffe Excelsior – Portofino
The restaurant is very beautiful inside. Reds and yellows and very warm.
Caffe Excelsior – Portofino
April is a very slow time of year for Portofino. The restaurants were empty. Normally if I walk into a restaurant that is not busy I turn around and leave but for Caffe Excelsior I made an exception and I’m glad I did. We had the place to ouselves and the staff was wonderful. Wine glasses were never empty, great conversation, and fantastic food.

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