Dinner in Paris – Terroir Parisien

Dinner at Terroir Parisien was wonderful! Absolutely the finest meal I had in Paris. This was the starter, an assortment of duck pate, rabbit, lamb, and more. It was all delicious. At the table next to mine was a family vacationing from Japan. I saw this on their table and I inquired about it. Not speaking any English they answered by simply moaning, “Mmmmmmmmmm”. I knew I had to have it! I ate every bite and upon seeing the empty platter the waiter asked which was my favorite component. When I told him several of the items were delicious and I couldn’t decide he brought me even more!
For the main course I ordered a lamb stew. It was served family style in a large pot with vegetables and in a delicious broth. I never wanted it to end! Everything was so tender and flavorful. If only I never had to stop eating…
I found out about this wonderful restaurant by researching online. It is the inspiration of Yannick Alléno, a French chef that has been awarded three Michelin Stars since 2007. After eating at his restaurant I can see why. Every course was excellent. The staff was fantastic. The wine selection outstanding.
From the minute I walked into Terroir Parisien I had no idea I was in for such a treat. This evening lasted  hours and if they served breakfast I’d have stayed until the sun came up.
This is a dinner that I will never forget. It was that fabulous.
Yes, it was as good as it looks. Better!

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