Travel Day

Travel day can be both exciting and anxious. A few tips before you get on that plane.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport and get checked in. Flying internationally can increase the check-in times.
  • On long flights be sure to get up periodically and stretch your legs.
  • Bring some snacks to make the movie watching more enjoyable.
  • I usually do not recline my seat as a courtesy to the person behind me. (unless I see that person has reclined on the person behind them.)
Don’t let your travel day be tedious. Enjoy it. Experience airport restaurants and sites during your layovers. These days, many of the airports have excellent accommodations, some even have museum exhibits. Pictured here, The Barcelona airport. It has a fantastic indoor mall.
Practice these common sense packing tips to help ensure you don’t have any luggage issues:
  • Always have a luggage tag (or two) on your suitcases to help you identify your bags. Also keep identification information inside your bags.
  • When traveling as a couple divide your clothes up and pack 50% in each suitcase. This helps your chances that at least one will arrive on time and give you some outfits until the second catches up.
  • Never pack electronics, jewelry, or other valuables. These are items that you should carry on, along with passports, itineraries, etc. I usually put a days worth of clothes in my carry-on too.
  • We all have a tendency to over pack but keep in mind that over weight bags will cost you an extra fee from the airlines and you won’t have room for any souvenirs you buy while on the trip.
  • Remember, you’re on vacation,  make every day a special day.

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