All’Antico Vinaio, Florence Italy

All’Antico Vinaio, Florence Italy
In Italy as in most of Europe, dinner is usually very late in the evening so to get me through the day I like to stop and have a late lunch or snack. While wandering the streets of Florence I came across the All’Antico Vinaio and at first sight I knew I had to eat here.
This little shop was serving up fantastic sandwiches and other meat and cheese dishes and just walking through the door the sights and smells of the deliciousness inside really got my appetite up. 
All’Antico Vinaio, Florence Italy
You choose your sandwich ingredients and it’s made to order while you watch. Super! 
All’Antico Vinaio, Florence Italy
From breads to meats to cheeses and other sides the All’Antico Vinaio is one of those little restaurants you could eat at every day of  the week and not get tired. 
All’Antico Vinaio, Florence Italy
Porchetta sandwhich with an olive spread and wonderful crunchy panini bread. Are you hungry yet? 
All’Antico Vinaio, Florence Italy
The All’Antico Vinaio is small and charming. From the ceiling hangs dozens of dried meats ready to be cut down and sliced up. 
All’Antico Vinaio, Florence Italy
If you are in Florence and looking for an inexpensive Italian meal head to All’Antico Vinaio. Don’t be shy and ask the chef to make you his recommendation. You will not be disappointed. 
All’Antico Vinaio, Florence Italy
Address: Via dei Neri, 74, Firenze, Italy

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