Trattoria Gino – Rome Italy

One of my favorite restaurants in Rome is Trattoria Gino. It’s a little place known mainly to locals but tourists such as me has been fortunate enough to stumble upon over the years. Now the word about Gino’s is getting out and I’ve seen them making Rome’s top 10 lists in several online blogs.
Roman artichokes in olive oil are served when the season is right and is you are there when they are on the menu be sure to order one. Delicious.
The antipasti platter. What a great way to start a great meal.
Veal served in a simple uncomplicated manner.
The rabbit is always on the menu and is always done perfectly.
The classic Italian dessert, tiramisu.
Trattoria Gino – Rome Italy
Trattoria Gino – Rome Italy
Osso buco with potatoes.
Trattoria Gino – Rome Italy
Trattoria Gino – Rome Italy
Trattoria Gino – Rome Italy
I love the food at Gino’s and the charm of a local neighborhood restaurant that is tucked away off the beaten tourist path. The place is poplar with locals so be sure to make reservations.
Vicolo Rosini, 4, 00186 Roma, Italy
+39 06 687 3434

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