Trajan’s Column – Rome Italy

Dedicated in 113 to the Emperor Trajan after his successful campaigns to conquer territories as far north as present day Romania the Trajan’s column is today one of the best preserved monuments in Rome.
The reliefs spiral the column forming over 200 meters of scenes illustrating the battles and triumphs of Emperor Trajan.
Trajan’s column stands over 100 feet high and can be seen standing in Trajan’s market.
The tribute to Emperor Trajan.
Tourists and locals stroll the walks and admire the ancient landmarks of Rome.
Trajan’s Column – Rome Italy
Trajan’s Column – Rome Italy
Trajan’s Column – Rome Italy

One thought on “Trajan’s Column – Rome Italy

  1. Tully was not so eloquent as thou,⁠Thou nameless column with the buried base!⁠What are the laurels of the Cæsar's brow?⁠Crown me with ivy from his dwelling-place.⁠Whose arch or pillar meets me in the face,⁠Titus or Trajan's? No—'tis that of Time:⁠Triumph, arch, pillar, all he doth displace⁠Scoffing; and apostolic statues climbTo crush the imperial urn, whose ashes slept sublime,Buried in air, the deep blue sky of Rome,⁠And looking to the stars: they had contained⁠A Spirit which with these would find a home,⁠The last of those who o'er the whole earth reigned,⁠The Roman Globe—for, after, none sustained,⁠But yielded back his conquests:—he was more⁠Than a mere Alexander, and, unstained⁠With household blood and wine, serenely woreHis sovereign virtues—still we Trajan's name adore.


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