Barcelona Street Artist

Cutting through the heart of Barcelona is the famous La Rambla. La Rambla is a wide street that runs from the Barcelona waterfront all the way to the Avenguda Diagonal. Along La Rambla are countless bars and restaurants and shops. In the center of the street are many street vendors selling art, jewelry, food, and other items. This artist displays his original artwork and on this day I bought his painting of Frida Kahlo. It is now on display in my home but reminds me of a great trip to Barcelona.
Here is my Frida Kahlo painting complete with signature of the artist above. I’ve always loved Frida, and in Rome last year I saw her original works on display at the Quirnale. She was a troubled soul for sure which adds to her allure. Frida painted with vibrant colors and I’ve always been fascinated by her story and her art.
Now I enjoy her every day.

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