5 Things You Must Do In Barcelona

5 Things You Must Do In Barcelona
OK, so you’ve booked your trip to Barcelona and you want to make sure you make the most of your short time in this great city. There is so much to see and do in Barcelona but with only a few days to do it you will want to plan ahead. Here are my “5 Things You Must Do In Barcelona”.
5 Things You Must Do In Barcelona – #1 Barcelona Hop On, Hop Off, City Tour Bus
Barcelona is a big city and a great way to get around to the various neighborhoods and sights is via the Barcelona hop on, hop off, city tour buses. These narrated tour buses are found in almost every major city these days and offer tourists a guided tour that let’s you cover a lot of ground and stop at your own pace. It’s a great way to get oriented to all that Barcelona has to offer. The cost is reasonable and you will hit almost every major Barcelona attraction on the routes.
 #2 La Rambla
La Rambla is a street that runs down the heart of Barcelona from Avinguda Diagonal to the water front. Along La Rambla there are countless restaurants, bars, shops, artists, museums, and the famous La Boqueria market. La Rambla is Barcelona. Locals and tourists alike stroll this beautiful pedestrian walkway day and night. Directly off La Rambla in either direction are the narrow streets of old Barcelona and at one end is the thriving Barcelona water front.
 #3 La Boqueria
Circle this one folks. You do not want to miss La Boqueria. This is one of the most beautiful markets in the world and it is an experience you will always remember. La Boqueria is located on La Rambla and is filled with food, glorious food. Walk the aisles of La Boqueria and bring your appetite. La Boqueria has some of the best food in Barcelona and at reasonable prices. I love going here for lunch and I always get the seafood. It is right off the boat and you will not find it fresher anywhere else.
The food in La Boqueria is presented like beautiful culinary art. Meats, seafood, vegetables, candy, and other delights await you at La Boqueria. My recommendation is that you arrive early for lunch. Don’t be shy. Try as much as you can. On this day I had baby squid, razor clams, prawns, Spanish ham, and washed it down with Spanish cava. I left with a bag of candy too!

#4 La Sagrada Familia
In 1882 Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi began construction on Barcelona’s greatest building, the Sagrada Familia. The Sagrada Familia is a Roman Catholic church that is a symbol of Barcelona and world famous. The church has been under construction for over 90 years and it is estimated that construction will still not be complete for another decade.
Gaudi’s unique style is showcased here and the magnificence of this beautiful structure is truly worth a visit. Inside the Sagrada Familia you are treated to a beautiful light show of color. The stained glass windows change the colors of the interior as the sun moves through the sky and unlike many Catholic churches the Sagrada Familia is bright and white and flows organically.
Tickets for admission must be purchased in advance and are $15 euro for adults and while in Barcelona this is a must see.

 #5 Food, Glorious Food
Barcelona is a city for foodies. The Spanish really know how to eat so while you are in Barcelona eat like a local and visit as many of the Tapas Bars and restaurants as your stomach can handle.
Tapas are a great Spanish concept and Barcelona has many excellent tapas bars to choose from. Tapas are basically appetizers and snacks served in small portions at select bars. Over time  tapas have become fine cuisine and chefs across Barcelona constantly experiment with new ingredients to bring fine dining to this classic Spanish tradition.
Spain is known for it’s famous paella and Barcelona’s restaurants almost always have it on the menu. I had seafood paella during one meal and it was delicious.
Barcelona has wonderful dessert cafes around every corner that are perfect to finish off any evening.
So while in Barcelona be prepared to eat and eat and eat because these Spaniards know their food.

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