Leinster Bay – St John US Virgin Islands

Leinster Bay may not be as well known as many of St John’s other beautiful bays but it is spectacular and has some of the best snorkeling on the island. Just outside of the bay is a little cay called Waterlemon Cay and many will swim and snorkel out from Leinster to reach it.
Leinster is a personal favorite of mine and I always make a point to get there on every trip. The water is calm and clear, and the beach is never crowded. There is great snorkeling along the beach as well as along both sides of the bay. For those adventurous enough, some of the islands most beautiful corals await far out along the left side of the bay.
Sea turtles swim just off the shore and on many occasions I have seen lemon, reef, and nurse sharks swimming in the shallow water. The bay is full of fish and if you are lucky and observant enough you can spot an octopus or two as well as many beautiful starfish.
To access Leinster Bay you will need to park at the Annaberg Ruins parking lot and hike the Leinster Bay trail for about 20 minutes. It’s an easy hike and the trail meanders along beside the water and under the trees making it very scenic. Stay alert and you may see a mongoose, iguana, deer, or other interesting character.
Because it is a little off the beaten path Leinster makes you feel you have an entire island to yourself. Several days I have gotten up early to snorkel here and have had the entire bay to explore before others arrived.
The entrance to the Leinster Bay Trail.
Leinster Bay – St John US Virgin Islands
Leinster Bay – St John US Virgin Islands
Leinster Bay – St John US Virgin Islands
All over the island you may notice these large ‘blobs’ of mud stuck on the trunks of trees. These are the ants and termites that build their nests off the ground in order to stay dry.
Leinster Bay – St John US Virgin Islands
Standing on the beach and looking straight out you can see Tortola in the far distance and a little closer the small cay called Waterlemon Cay.
Leinster is a know sea turtle nesting beach so please pay attention to the National Park Service’s directives to help preserve this habitat.
The bay is always calm and many boat owners moor up in the bay to relax.

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