Palazzo Barberini – Rome

The Palazzo Barberini is a museum in Rome that doesn’t receive the notoriety of some of the other museums in the city but none the less it is worth seeing. The palace was built in the 17th century and was the home of  Maffeo Barberini who later became Pope Urban VIII.
The palace is now property of the Italian government and houses many famous works including one of my favorite, La Fornarina by Raphael.
La Fornarina is a painting of a young woman with an interesting story. Raphael painted this work in 1518 and it is said the woman is his lover. Even the arm band she wears bears his name.
Throughout the palace you will see the Barberini coat of arms represented by 3 bees on a shield.
The museum contains beautiful paintings, statues, and other artifacts.
Palazzo Barberini is the perfect setting to house such beautiful art. The palace is ornately decorated and full of light and is a masterpiece in it’s own right.
The palace is a short walk from the Piazza Barberini. Once inside the gates of the palace the environment is quiet and serene.
Throughout the year various exhibits are on display at the museum and on this visit I was fortunate to see the largest work by Pablo Picasso.
Such a treat!

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