Eating Pig Ears at Casa Toni – Madrid

Years ago I would give my dogs dried pig ears as a treat and they were crazy for them. I used to wonder why they would get so excited when I brought them home.
As soon as I got to Madrid I decided to find out what all the fuss was about for myself. HAHA!
So, just as the locals do, I headed for a famous little Tapas Restaurant called Casa Toni for my own plate of fried pig ears and a cold Spanish cerveza. It was there that finally after so many years I understood why my little furry friends became so obsessed with eating the ears of pigs. The fried pig ears were a plate of goodness. Tasty, and with a texture unlike bacon or ham, the cartilage of the ear is almost chewy. Once I started eating them I could not stop! 
I also got an order of the fried stomach and some Spanish ham. These were wonderful as well.
Casa Toni is a charming little establishment, very reasonably priced, and run by a friendly staff. I highly recommend you stop in and try the pig ears, but remember, leave your four legged friends at home. This is delicious food for all the rest of us. 
Love, love, love the pig ears! 


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