L’As du Fallafel – Paris

One of my favorite things about travel is seeking out great food, especially if it is inexpensive. Prior to getting on the plane for Paris I had come across several travelers’ recommendations for this little Kosher Middle Eastern restaurant called L’As du Fallafel.  I love good fallafel but have never found it in the states. So on this evening I made a beeline to try L’As du Fallafel. Just a short walk from the Notre Dame Cathedral situated on a narrow side street I found it. It was easily spotted thanks to the long line of hungry patrons queued up to get their fallafel fix. A long line is almost always a great sign for what is to come.
I ordered my fallafel spicy, and with a cold beer. What a great dinner! Just relaxing on the street, people watching, and eating this delicious street food.
The funny thing about Paris is that everyone visits looking for the Michelin Star restaurants, but if you’re not careful, you will miss out on the wonderful, inexpensive, street food.
I’ve had great fallafel in the past. My favorite being in Athens Greece, but my fallafel here at L’As du Fallafel was fantastic too. I can honestly say I wanted to eat two of these yummy pita filled delights. All the ingredients were fresh and had terrific flavor.
For about $6 euro you can fill up on fallafel and love every bite. Just get in line and make your way to the order window. The line moves fast as these chefs prepare thousands per week and have mastered their craft.
Bon Appetit!
I order mine spicy!
The best fallafel in Paris is definitely worth the wait!
L’As du Fallafel
Address: 32-34 Rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris, France

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