The Street Cars of Lisbon

Lisbon Portugal has many charms but one iconic piece of it’s culture is the famous Street Cars of Lisbon. The city reminds me very much of San Francisco in terms of its geography and the street cars or trolleys that traverse the city. In fact, Lisbon even has a bridge designed after the Golden Gate Bridge in terms of it’s architecture, color, and span.
Lisbon is a very walkable city but let’s face it, there are times that venturing up to the top of steep hills is much more enjoyable if someone else is doing the lifting. So I highly recommend purchasing tickets to ride the many routes throughout the city. 
One famous street car line is the “28” and is by far the most popular but I enjoyed all of the different options provided as they afford you the ability to see many different areas of Lisbon. 
If the street car fills up be prepared to stand for a little while. It’s all part of the charm!
Walking up and down the streets of Lisbon is great exercise but sometimes I prefer the easy way up!

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