Ginjinha, A Taste of Lisbon

Lisbon has several foods it is known for such as pasteis de nata, a small custard tart, canned fish and seafood, and a cherry liqueur called ginjinha. It’s a very tasty sweet alcohol that the Portuguese drink from a shot glass. Sipping it for it’s sweet cherry taste and the warmth going down is very satisfying, especially on a chilly Lisbon evening.

I frequented one of the most famous ginjinha bars in Lisbon called Ginjinha San Reval, where they make their own ginjinha and serve it up for 1 euro a shot. It’s a tiny little bar just big enough to order, pay, and step outside to enjoy an evening and sip your drink. When you get to the bottom of your glass you have a cherry or two to munch on to cap off this delicious libation. Definitely look for San Reval when in Lisbon. It’s become quite famous but hasn’t lost it’s charm or personality.

Cin cin!

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