Tuscan Farm House – Podere Villuzza

In Tuscany I stayed at a charming farm called Podere Villuzza. Located just outside the medieval town of San GimignanoPodere Villuzza is a beautiful working farm that rents rooms and serves it’s guests great food and wine in a picturesque setting.
This type of working farm that serves accommodations of tourists is known as an agriturismo.
The hills surrounding Podere Villuzza are covered with grapevines and olive trees. When you think of Tuscany you envision this type of countryside. 
The rooms of the agriturismo are large and comfortable with just the right amount of modern touches.
Staying at a farm house really gives you a sense of belonging here in Italy. The meals are all served communal style in the large dining area and this affords you the opportunity to meet fellow travelers from all over the globe. It’s really my favorite part of these kinds of stays.
Tuscan Farm House – Podere Villuzza
In the kitchen. All meals are served in a communal style and this is a great way to meet travelers from all over the world.
The dining room.
At Podere Villuzza,
yours truly and mama…
The name of my room.
 Podere Villuzza
What a great experience!
Podere Villuzza
San Gimignano
At Podere Villuzza
Picking grapes. Don’t tell mama!
The farm house has a large pool.
 Podere Villuzza
 Podere Villuzza
Mama runs the farm.
Tuscan Farm House – Podere Villuzza

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