Castello di Meleto – Chianti in Tuscany

When I picture Tuscany I see the rolling green hills of Chianti that stretch on as far as the horizon covered in a patchwork of rows and rows of grape vines. Orchards of silver toned olive trees dot the landscape as well adding even more color and texture. Meticulously manicured and methodically laid out, theContinue reading “Castello di Meleto – Chianti in Tuscany”

Castellina in Chianti – Tuscany

Castellina is a small Tuscan town of about 3,000 people and is located in the Chianti hilltops about 15 kilometers north of Siena. This is one of those charming little towns that doesn’t get much attention from tourists because the only way to get there is by car, which is one of the reasons IContinue reading “Castellina in Chianti – Tuscany”

Dinner at Osteria Le Panzanelle at the Tuscan Town of Lucarelli

Just a few minutes away from my hotel in Radda is the Tuscan town of Lucarelli. It is a small town and if you blink while driving through you might just miss it. But the town of Lucarelli is home to a fantastic restaurant called Osteria Le Panzanelle.  The restaurant is wonderful. Warm and cozy insideContinue reading “Dinner at Osteria Le Panzanelle at the Tuscan Town of Lucarelli”

Montepulciano Italy – A Tuscan Delight

Montepulciano Italy – A Tuscan Delight Italian meats, cheeses, prosecco, beautiful views of the Tuscan countryside,  it must be Montepulciano… When traveling around Tuscany I always make time to visit Montepulciano. This hilltop medieval town is easy to get to by car and is worth the stop. Montepulciano is surrounded by miles and miles ofContinue reading “Montepulciano Italy – A Tuscan Delight”

Radda in Chianti – Italy

 Radda in Chianti – Italy The little hilltop town of Radda, located in the heart of  the Chianti region of Tuscany, is a great spot to visit. Many nearby wineries, towns, and beautiful Tuscan country to experience are all within a short distance. On many occasions I have stayed in Radda and from there ventureContinue reading “Radda in Chianti – Italy”

Cortona Italy

Cortona Italy The beautiful hilltop town of Cortona in Tuscany is one of the most scenic stops I had on my journey through this region of Italy. The center of the town is intimate and the surrounding views of the Tuscan countryside are spectacular. The main piazza offers many shops, restaurants, and bars. Make timeContinue reading “Cortona Italy”

San Gimignano – Tuscany Italy

Welcome to the town of San Gimignano in Tuscany! One of dozens of hilltop Tuscan towns that offer tourists a taste of Tuscany the way it used to be. Cafes, restaurants, bars, shops, and churches make up this charming town. San Gimignano is located about an hour drive from Florence and is worth a visitContinue reading “San Gimignano – Tuscany Italy”

Pisa – Tuscany Italy

The iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most famous landmarks in all of Italy. Located in the Tuscan city of Pisa, this architectural wonder draws visitors from throughout the world. The bell tower was constructed in the 12th century and it was during construction that the tower began to tilt due toContinue reading “Pisa – Tuscany Italy”