Montepulciano Italy – A Tuscan Delight

Montepulciano Italy – A Tuscan Delight
Italian meats, cheeses, prosecco, beautiful views of the Tuscan countryside,  it must be Montepulciano…
When traveling around Tuscany I always make time to visit Montepulciano. This hilltop medieval town is easy to get to by car and is worth the stop. Montepulciano is surrounded by miles and miles of rolling hills covered in grape vineyards and the views from this little walled city are spectacular.
Inside the walls of the town you will experience a quiet and charming environment that offers tourists a great selection of shops, bars, and restaurants. 
Sample the wine, meats and cheeses, then once you’ve agreed on your favorites have them wrapped up and take off to enjoy a quiet picnic with your delicacies. 
Entering Montepulciano. 
Caravaggio, the famous Italian painter, has a self portrait on display in the local museum. 
The walls that protected Montepulciano open up and reveal this tranquil town. Wander the streets and be sure to leave the main avenue via narrow passageways so you can see the views of the countryside. 
Cheeses from the surrounding area are some of the best I have eaten in Tuscany. 
Montepulciano is famous for it’s wine and many of the shops in town have wine cellars that are dug far below the ground floors. Take time to venture down and see the rooms. It really give you the experience of just how the people of Montepulciano lived hundreds of years ago. 
Beautiful stone accents adorn the buildings of Montepulciano just as you find all across Italy adding interest and beauty to the architecture. 
Olives, chips, and other snacks are traditionally provided to you as you enjoy your cold Italian prosecco. 

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