Dinner at Osteria Le Panzanelle at the Tuscan Town of Lucarelli

Just a few minutes away from my hotel in Radda is the Tuscan town of Lucarelli. It is a small town and if you blink while driving through you might just miss it. But the town of Lucarelli is home to a fantastic restaurant called Osteria Le Panzanelle. 
The restaurant is wonderful. Warm and cozy inside with a traditional Tuscan charm. The owners and staff are friendly and helpful and the food is absolutely delicious. I have eaten here twice and will go back again and again in the future. I loved every dish I ordered and the wine selection was stocked with great Chianti wines as you would expect.
The big gnocchi with black cabbage and ricotta was unlike any gnocchi I’ve had and highly recommend it.
Osteria Le Panzanelle requires reservations as it is packed every evening with locals and some adventurous tourists too. The prices are very reasonable and everything about this restaurant make it  a little gem that should not be missed. 
Chickpeas and rosemary soup
Wild boar stew 
Grilled lamb chops
Oven roasted vegetables

The home made ice cream. 


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