Castello di Meleto – Chianti in Tuscany

When I picture Tuscany I see the rolling green hills of Chianti that stretch on as far as the horizon covered in a patchwork of rows and rows of grape vines. Orchards of silver toned olive trees dot the landscape as well adding even more color and texture. Meticulously manicured and methodically laid out, the vineyards and orchards of the region attract tourists from every part of the world, as well as Italians from every corner of Italy.

In the heart of the Chianti region perched high on a hilltop you will find the Castello di Meleto. For over a thousand years this castle has stood majestically looking out over the surrounding countryside. It is a formidable looking structure and undoubtedly served it’s purpose housing and keeping safe it’s occupants. Now the Castello di Meleto is not only a large thriving winery but also hosts guests in rooms and apartments for rent. Special events such as weddings and wine tastings are also held here.

I’m drawn here for the beauty and history but also for their wine. Castello di Meleto has a wonderful variety of wines and I always enjoy my stops here to taste the Chianti and wander the beautiful grounds inside and out.

After receiving some background on the wine I have chosen I take my glass and stroll outside to gaze across the valley. It is quiet and peaceful. The occasional songs from birds and the wind through the trees is all I hear. I drink my wine and when ready I head back inside to choose another. The host has prepared a small board of aperitive and I snack on the assorted treats while I sip another glass. I’m in no particular hurry. Why would I want to be anyplace else?

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