Travel Memories

I love to travel, and as soon as my trip is done I begin planning my next adventure. Having a vacation planned always gives you something to look forward to as you count the days until it arrives with great anticipation.

A trip to someplace new is always exciting. Even revisiting a familiar destination is invigorating. Our vacations always seem to come and go so quickly but we have our memories. Photos, videos, and scrap books are always a great way to keep the memories fresh in our thoughts, but most of us don’t stop there.

Every trip I take I always bring back some little memento that reminds me of where I was and what I was experiencing. Sometimes it’s just a cork from a great bottle of wine shared with friends or family in a little restaurant or winery. Other trinkets I pick up are from inexpensive tourist shops that offer the famous local landmarks on magnets or small metal statues. I have collected dozens and dozens over the years and although none are monetarily valuable, they are to me, priceless.

Trips from Italy have netted me replicas of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, gondolas, a David statue, the colosseum, just to name a few. Of course I have an Eiffel Tower from Paris, Statue of Liberty from NY City, and small souvenirs from other places throughout Europe, the US, Mexico, and the Caribbean. My Caribbean collection includes everything from sea shells and shot glasses to jewelry. Simple but elegant, and all have a story behind the time and place I got them.

Collecting souvenirs and mementos from vacations is nothing unique and most people that travel do. I’ve seen many personal collections shared on the Internet and in magazines and I can always relate to the obsession we all have to bring a piece of our vacations back home with us.

Here are some photos of my most cherished travel memories. I look forward to hearing what you think and seeing your travel memories as well.


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