Bocca della Verità

La Bocca della Verità (The Mouth of Truth) is a marble sculpture in Rome with an interesting and humorous legend attached to it. It resides now outside of the Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin in the Piazza della Bocca della Verita, but most likely originated as a drain cover or opening possibly on theContinue reading “Bocca della Verità”

Welcome to my website!

Get ready for fun! I’ve been traveling all over the world for years and years, taking pictures and exploring different places and this is where I share my journeys. I started my first travel blog over 14 years ago! Wow! Almost 500 posts and over 750,000 visitors later I decided to create a new siteContinue reading “Welcome to my website!”

Prosecco in Piazza San Marco – Caffe Lavena

Prosecco in Piazza San Marco – Caffe Lavena In Piazza San Marco there are many caffes and restaraunts but a favorite of mine is the Caffe Lavena. Many locals visit the caffe even though it resides in a tourist hot spot so you know it has to be good. Prosecco in Piazza San Marco – CaffeContinue reading “Prosecco in Piazza San Marco – Caffe Lavena”