Riding The Italian Trains

Traveling by train in Italy is very pleasant and actually extremely simple to navigate even if you are new to the country. Throughout Italy most major cities and smaller towns as well have stops on what is a very extensive rail network. So if you are not renting a car and are looking to see multiple cities check your itinerary against the train routes.

My experiences traveling by train have been very good. I really fell in love with this mode of travel. Being from the USA I wasn’t familiar with travel by rail but the Europeans use the trains regularly. I highly recommend it.

There are several options when selecting a train, from more expensive high speed trains to the lesser priced commuter trains.

Navigating the train stations of the large cities such as Rome, Milan, Naples, and others is overwhelming at first glance but the systems and processes are very organized and efficient when you understand them. Once you understand the departure and arrival boards you quickly realize it is very easy to get oriented.

Tickets can be purchased on your phone app, Internet, kiosks, or at a ticket window, in advance or at the time of your departure. It’s just a matter of preference. Just as the prices can range from very moderate to expensive based on accommodations, line, etc..

Below I’ve posted two short videos that I made. The first video is in the Milan central train station illustrating how to read the arrival and departure boards and locate your train in the terminal. The second short video shows what it looks like inside the Business class section of the high speed trains traveling along at 300 kilometers per hour.

I hope you find the videos and photos entertaining and helpful. Enjoy.


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