Lionfish – St John USVI

The Lionfish is responsible for killing native species of fish and is an unwanted invader of the caribbean waters. Pictured here is a marker that snorkelers and divers leave behind to document locations of known lionfish so the Parks Service can take action. 
I saw these lion fish at Salt Pond Bay. I counted five lionfish this day. 

Underwater maker designating the location of a lionfish sighting.
This one was near Vie’s beach. 
Halfway up the left side of Little Lameshur Bay I encountered 2 lionfish. 
I noticed that the lionfish like to stay close to spiny sea urchins and within the rocks. This trip I saw more than half a dozen at three different locations on St John. It’s sad to think that this fish is going to have such a negative impact to the natives. The undersea wildlife needs all of the protections we can give without an enemy like this causing more harm. At this point I fear the battle against the lionfish has been lost.

Lionfish hiding in the rocks.

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