Lemon and Nurse Sharks at Waterlemon and Leinster Bay, St John USVI

Nurse Shark at Leinster Bay 
This nurse shark was about 5 feet long and was just resting on the bottom. What a treat to see.
Lemon Shark
This lemon shark was patroling the shallows of Waterlemon Bay. He looked to be about 4 feet long and was running along in about 10 feet deep water in search of something to take a bite out of. 
I followed this lemon shark for a little while and where ever he went fish got out of the way. This was the second time in the last few years that I have seen a lemon shark at this bay. 
The shark followed this school of fish looking for lunch. This was as close as I wanted to get to him. He was giving me the eye as he swam by.
You can see how shallow the water is where this lemon shark patrols for food. Folks in the water near the beach probably never knew that a shark was swimming just a few feet away. As beautiful and serene that these beaches are on St John you still need to respect the fact that dangers are abound in the sea.

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