A Day at Trunk Bay – St John USVI

Trunk Bay – St John USVI
The most beautiful beach in the US Virgin Islands and one of the most beautiful in all of the world, Trunk Bay, has become legandary for it’s turquoise caribbean water, and soft white sandy beach. Trunk Bay sits inside the Virgin Islands National Park and is just a 10 minute drive from downtown Cruz Bay.
Trunk Bay – St John USVI 
Trunk Bay Entrance And Visitor Information
The US National Park Service maintains Trunk Bay and provides services for guests such as lifeguards, information, etc.. Admission is $8.00 but if you are traveling with 2 or more you may want to spend the money to purchase a Yearly Family Pass for $15.00. This way you can enjoy the bay as many times throughout the year without having to spend additional entrance fees.
Trunk Bay – St John USVI
The Snorkle Trail – Trunk Bay
The highlight of any day at Trunk Bay is swimming in the beautiful warm crystal clear caribbean water and snorkleing the undersea snorkle trail along the rocky outcrop in the center of the bay. Beautiful corals, fish, rays, and the occasional sea turtle can be spotted along the trail on every outing.  
Trunk Bay Snorkle Trail Markers
Undersea snorkle trail markers guide you along and help you identify some of the corals and sealife in the area. Always remember not to touch any of the coral. Fire Coral is very painful if you make contact with it and the corals are very fragile and damage easily if you accidently hit them with your fins.  
Trunk Bay Snorkle Trail
Trunk Bay never seems too crowded but getting to Trunk as early as you can or staying past the 3 o’clock hour will be the best time to snorkle as most of the other visitors to the bay will be gone. If you are not that adventurous and just want to stay on the beach with your toes in the water be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the occasionl sting ray that may meander by in the shallow water. You never know what you will see!
Taking In The Sun At Trunk Bay
Even on a busy afternoon, Trunk Bay never seems too crowded. Bring along a chair, a good book, and prepare to relax ‘caribbean style’. Oh, and don’t forget plenty of sunscreen.
Facilities at Trunk Bay
Trunk Bay has many amenities which make it even more of a pleasure to visit. Snack bar, restrooms, showers, and gift shops provide anything you may need for the day. From sun screen and snorkle gear, to rum punch and cheese burgers, Trunk Bay has it all. 
Trunk Bay – St John USVI
This is probably the most popular shot taken by any photographer traveling the caribbean. Taken from the scenic overlook that is on the road leading down to Trunk Bay, tourists and locals alike always pull over to take in this spectacular view. You’ll never get tired of it’s beauty.  
Trunk Bay – St John USVI
“Nature knew what she was doing when she created this place.”

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