St John Artist Elaine Estern, Coconut Coast Studio St John USVI

Wednesday Evening Soiree at Coconut Coast Studio
Every Wednesday evening local St John artist, Elaine Estern, hosts an open house at her open air gallery Coconut Coast Studio. The open house is a quaint informal affair open to locals and St John visitors alike and Miss Estern greets everyone with friendly warm hospitality. 
At Coconut Coast, sparkling wine fills the glasses and great music fills the air as live  musicians perform with their flutes. You are invited to walk the studio and enjoy the  colorful artwork. Elaine Estern’s caribbean inspired art is happy and whimsical. Miss Estern’s art is on display and can be purchased on location. (She ships too.) Her art can be found in various shops around the island as well.   
Miss Estern’s two chocolate labradors have become celebrities in their own right
 as they are often featured in the paintings depicting island life around St John. 
One of the stars of the evening… 
The Wednesday evening festivities take place around sunset and the studio is located on the
 east end of St John facing St Thomas making it a great venue for watching the sunsets. 
While talking with Miss Estern one trip and watching the sun gently set,
a ray jumped 4 or 5 feet out of the water and splashed back down.
It was a special moment and the Coconut Coast Studios has something special about it too.

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