Maho Bay – St John USVI

Maho Bay – St John
Maho is just one of many beautiful bays on St John. Looking down from this scenic overlook you can see just how tranquil the waters of Maho are, making it a great spot to snorkel and swim. On any day sea turtles can be seen by the dozen surfacing just off shore. Overhead pelicans fly and dive down to catch a meal. While underwater large tarpon patrol the shallows for schools of fish, and on the shore mongoose and iguanas walk the tree line. The nature at Maho is spetactular making it my favorite beach on the island. 
 Maho Bay – St John
The snorkeling at Maho is always fun. Every time I go I see something that I hadn’t seen before. The best snorkeling is along the right side of the bay. Tarpon, barracuda, nurse sharks, and millions of fish all tend to make their way to Maho. In the center of the bay, sea turtles graze on the sea grass while rays and schools of fish patrol the water for a snack and try not to become one themselves.
New restroom facilities and a small parking lot were recently added to Maho for the convenience of visitors. I just hope that the Park Service doesn’t go too far adding amenities for humans and spoil this bay for nature.

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