Falafella’s – Athens Greece

Falafella’s – Athens Greece
Athens is filled with great restaurants and great food, and the difficulty is choosing one place to eat over another. So when you see 20 people or more lining up for their opportunity to order lunch you know you may have discovered something special. 
On this afternoon I ran across Falafella’s – Street Food. A little shop with a limited menu and specializing in falafel. The wait in line was worth it for the fantastic culinary experience I was about to have. I ordered a falafel and requested mine ‘spicy’. It was delicious! 
Falafella’s – Athens Greece
Falafel is a classic middle eastern food consisting of various vegetables served in a pita. Falafella’s serves up the freshest and tastiest falafel I have ever eaten and at a very inexpensive cost. I stood and ate mine while washing it down with a cold Greek beer. 
Falafella’s – Athens Greece
As I stood filling my face with the deliciousness of my falafel several people approached me asking what I had ordered. I felt like an American spokesman for this little place and everyone of the folks that inquired about my lunch immediately got in line. Looking around me there must have been 30 people standing and sitting while eating their falafels.
Finding great food on vacation can be stressful and sometimes expensive. On this day I was rewarded for my willingness to try something different. 
Going to Athens? Check out Falafella’s. You won’t be disappointed.
Falafella’s – Athens Greece

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