Pelican Restaurant and Wine Bar – Santorini Greece

Heading to Santorini island in Greece anytime soon? Well if so, make a date to stop and eat at Pelican Restaurant and Wine Bar. Located in downtown Fira the Pelican is a beautiful place to have dinner. The restaurant is a beautiful garden that really adds to the experience. Grapes hang from the trellis above giving you the feeling you are dining al fresco in a friends grape orchard.
Situated in the cellars below the restaurant are old caves that  are now used to house the Pelican’s wine selections.
The Pelican offers wine tastings during the day but if you are in for dinner be sure to ask Maria for the tour of  the cellars. It’s a fun experience.
Dug deep below, the caves offer the perfect conditions to store wine and the Pelican has a rather large selection of Santorini and Greek wines.
Here the staff of the Pelican makes a personal appearance to ensure everything is perfect.
And it was!
What a great group of people. I love the Greeks…
Every table should include Greek olives.
Bean soup.
The grilled octopus with bean salad.
This was the best grilled octopus I have ever eaten!
My compliments to the chef.
A beautiful and delicious seafood salad.
The fresh fish of  the Mediterranean.
More octopus!
Lamb in a pot with potatoes.
One of the best meals I had in all of Greece…
Thanks to everyone at the Pelican for making my dinner so great!

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