World Trade Center Memorial – New York City

The financial center of the United States, if not the world, is the site of the World Trade Center Memorial / Museum and the new Building One World Trade Center in New York City. The plaza is now hollowed ground following the September 11 attacks that brought down the original twin towers. Two infinity ponds are positioned at the base of the original tower locations and is ringed with the thousands of names that perished during the attack. It is quite a moving experience to stand and read the names of the dead, much like the feeling you get at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC.
The plaza also hosts the 911 Memorial Museum as well as the Oculus which is a huge transportation hub and shopping mall.
Standing at the base of the new Building One you can barely see the top of the high rise and you get a sense that the structure is leaning over you. It’s quite a site!
The Oculus, shaped like a white dove symbolizing peace.

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