The Reina Sophia Museum – Madrid

Madrid has two well known museums, The Prado Museum, and a lessor known but very interesting Reina Sophia Museum. I have been to the Prado on a previous trip to Madrid and this visit I made time to see the Reina Sophia. It’s a modern art museum with works of Picasso as well as others. One of Picasso’s most famous paintings, The Guernica, is on display here and draws visitors from all over the world to see this magnificent anti-war and very emotional work.
The Reina Sophia also has a great cafe. Sit, relax, and enjoy a cappuccino and a tortilla de patatas tapa, a Spanish favorite.
General admission to the museum is 10 euro and once you’ve finished your visit, stroll the neighborhood nearby and take a walk thru the El Retiro Park. It’s Madrid’s Central Park and very beautiful. 

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