The Meninas of Madrid

Hanging in the Prado Museum of Madrid Spain is a famous painting by Diego Valazquez depicting the young Spanish princess Margarita Teresa and her royal court. The painting is entitled “Las Meninas” and was done in 1656 and today that painting has inspired Madrid’s local artists to fill the streets of the city with their creativity on statues depicting Margarita.
The statues are about 6 feet tall and are made from fiberglass. Each commissioned artist is at liberty to use the statue as a canvas to share original concepts. Eighty such sculptures are placed in prominent areas all around Madrid and will be on display thru July 2020 at which time they may be put on display in other cities around the world.
This type of public art is just one of the many reasons I am drawn to the beautiful city of Madrid and I wish I could share all 80 here but I have posted a few to hopefully peak your interest in going to Madrid.

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