Dinner at Cervejaria Ramiro – Lisbon

Ask anyone for a recommendation for great seafood in Lisbon and almost always the name of Cervejaria Ramiro comes up. Celebrities from Anthony Bourdain and Phil Rosenthal, just to name a couple, have come to Lisbon and dined at this unique and quite amazing restaurant.
Ramiro opened in the 1950’s and has remained a Lisbon favorite ever since.
On this visit I had 3 kinds of shrimp along with beer and the house wine. The meal starts with wonderful bread and each entrée is brought out sequentially by the very professional and courteous staff. I loved each of my dishes.
For dessert I ordered a meat sandwich, which is a custom here at Ramiro and is a specialty of Lisbon. It’s called a Bifana and is a very delicious follow-up to such a rich seafood meal.
Ramiro has quite a following and you may need reservations. If you don’t have reservations be prepared for a wait. But this restaurant has devised a very ingenious system for assigning requests for a table and made the wait even more enjoyable with an automatic self serve beer tap machine on the patio. For 2 euro you can serve up your own draft beer.
When you arrive at Ramiro you will see a machine that looks like an ATM. Simply choose your language and number of people in your party and you receive a numbered ticket. When they call your number your table is ready and you are immediately seated to begin a wonderful meal.
I can’t wait!
4587!!??? How long is this wait going to be?
The table reservation assignment machine.
Self serve beer! Suddenly the wait doesn’t seem bad at all.
Delicious golden crispy buttery goodness.
Pick your own lobster.
My Bifana with mustard.

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