The Testaccio Market

The Testaccio Market of Rome, in the neighborhood it is named for, is one of the nicest open air markets in the entire city. It has become quite an attraction for the Testaccio area as locals from across Rome shop there for everything from meats and cheeses, vegetables, seafood, clothes and shoes, and housewares. On any day of the week you really don’t know what might be around the next corner.

The market is large with rows and rows of both closed and open air stalls. Plenty of seating areas for those that want to sit and enjoy a coffee and a bite and socialize are scattered throughout the market as well. It is not uncommon to see the locals get together for an afternoon and play cards, or gather for a craft beer and dinner in the evenings. Many of the food stalls have developed quite a following with some gaining international attention. You never know who you might see sitting next to you enjoying a meat sandwich or getting their hair done in a salon.

The market is a place that shopping for groceries becomes an experience beyond merely the purchase of the evening’s dinner. It is a place where every day becomes an event not to be missed. A place where each day Romans flock to be apart of the experience that is Mercato Testaccio.

While there, take some time to walk the surrounding streets. Some famous landmarks are just nearby such as the The Pyramid of Cestius and famous street art. Residents of Testaccio are proud of their neighborhood and if you spend a little time there you will understand why.

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