The Artist of Piazza della Rotonda

In Rome, in a quiet corner of Piazza della Rotonda just steps from the Pantheon, is a woman that has been creating and selling her beautiful art for as long as I can remember. For years I have stopped to look and admire her work. Her name is Rachele del Nevo and she has become a fixture in the piazza, and well known and awarded for her artistic creations as well.

Rachele del Nevo’s approach to her art is a little unconventional in that she arrives at her open air studio on her bicycle equipped with all the tools of her trade including pieces of cardboard boxes she has chosen as the canvas for her inspirations. The cardboard and the advertisements on them add character and charm, and a bit of whimsy to the picture she paints or draws on them. I believe they may provide some inspiration for the subject matter as well.

On this day I bought a beautiful piece from her that will find it’s way back to my home and occupy a prominent place. It will be a memento of this trip. It is a drawing of a “Roman nasone”. Nasone, roughly translated, means big nose and is a type of water fountain found throughout Rome. The nasone has always been one of those iconic symbols of Rome that has fascinated me.

The famous landmarks and piazzas of Rome can be very crowded and a little overwhelming as hundreds, if not thousands, of people fill them to see the sights and enjoy the cafes and restaurants. My advice; be patient, breathe in, listen, smell, and look, really look, you will discover something or someone special like Signora del Nevo. I know it…

My original Rachele del Nevo

Rachele del Nevo, Artist – Website:

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