Piazza Mincio and the Fountain of the Frogs

In the Trieste neighborhood of northern Rome is Piazza Mincio. The piazza is home to yet another of Rome’s fantastic fountains as well as a group of buildings created in an architectural style unlike any other in the city.

The Frog Fountain (Fontana delle Rane) maintains a place of prominence squarely in the middle of Piazza Mincio. Named because of the many marble frogs that sit on the fountain it is the perfect compliment to the unique design of the buildings that surround it.

Finished in the early 1920’s the buildings of the piazza were designed in a mix of architectural styles that give it an ‘other worldly’ appearance. The buildings are ornately decorated with frescoes, carvings, and iron work, and everywhere you look you see something different. The piazza is a popular destination for locals and tourists and upon seeing it you will understand the attraction. In a city filled with so many cultures and so much history Piazza Mincio is unique in itself and definitely worth a visit.

Piazza Mincio is in a beautiful area of Rome, so while you are there take time to stroll the streets nearby. Interesting buildings, shops, and fantastic restaurants and bars are plentiful in this area. It has become my favorite neighborhood of this great city.

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