Orte Italy

One rainy day in November I hopped a train from Rome and rode it to the town of Orte hoping to escape the dampness and stay dry. Orte was having it’s share of showers as well that day as it is only a 40 minute train ride from Rome and shares its weather. Still, I didn’t let the clouds slow me down.

Umbrella in hand I exited the train after a relaxing ride and found the local commuter bus that for 1 euro would take me to the center of the ancient town of Orte. As is the case with visiting most of the old hilltop towns and villages of Italy, transportation from the train station to the city center, or centro, is usually available and very convenient.

I had seen Orte many times while driving on the highway and passing by on the trains at 300 kilometers per hour but this was my first time actually stopping to see the town itself. It was a great time. I walked the narrow streets for hours. Taking pictures, stopping in shops, and grabbing a coffee and some lunch my day was most enjoyable. The rain was sporadic so I managed to stay dry and still see the town. Occasionally ducking under an archway and waiting out a shower I really had time to explore and examine the buildings and the ornate design of the architectures.

Orte is just as you would imagine a medieval Italian town to be. Stone buildings, narrow alley ways, scenic views of the surrounding countryside, and all of the charm associated with the lifestyle of the Italians living there.

Don’t pass Orte by next time. As I have made it a goal to see these lesser known and smaller Italian villages I have come to appreciate each one for they all have a unique history and proud past. You never know what surprises you will encounter.

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