Musei Di Villa Torlonia, Rome

Museums are everywhere in Rome and in the northern part of the city is yet another beautiful museum in a city that has so many. The Musei di Villa Torlonia, which opened in the 1970’s, resides in a beautiful park full of gardens. It was home to the Torlonia family and much of the artwork is from their collection.

In later years the infamous Dictator Mussolini rented the villa and lived there for almost 2 decades. The grounds of the park also housed an air raid shelter Mussolini used as a hidden bunker for himself and his family. The bunker is open to the public now, as I was informed, but was closed on the day I visited the museum so I was only able to see the entrance. (pictures below)

The villa is ornately decorated. The walls, ceilings, and floors are all covered in an extravagant manner that make it the reason to visit. Beautiful mosaics cover the floors. Frescoes fill the ceilings and walls. Large intricate chandeliers hang in nearly every room. Marble carvings line the great halls. The villa is exceptionally restored and it shines.

The grounds surrounding the villa form a large park that has many other buildings to see as well as manicured gardens, water features, and even an ancient Egyptian obelisk. Today the park is filled with locals that jog the paths, walk their dogs, or as I have, simply sit and enjoy this most peaceful setting.

Mussolini’s Bunker
Mussolini’s Bunker

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