Lunch With Pavarotti at De Santis in Milan

Did I ever tell you about the time I had lunch with the famous Italian opera tenor Luciano Pavarotti? Well… In preparation for my visit to Milan I brought with me a list of restaurants I wanted to try. Researching the local cuisine of any city I go to now has become a habit andContinue reading “Lunch With Pavarotti at De Santis in Milan”

Bottega del Vino – La Coloniale – Milano

 While strolling the streets near my hotel I came across a jewel of a Milano landmark, The Botega Del Vino – La Coloniale, a wonderful enoteca/bar/and wine shop. The Botega Del Vino opened in 1969 and has been serving locals fine wines and aperitivo ever since. This wine store and bar is cozy and warmContinue reading “Bottega del Vino – La Coloniale – Milano”